Pocket Card for Women’s Day

      March DT project for Tsunami Rose Design

For my project I use the wonderful ”Rose Notecards” journal kit and some vintage clip art.

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March is the so waited month when we celebrate Spring and its beauties, but we also celebrate the International Women’s Day,  and i figured it’s a good inspiration for my DT project, blog post and my poket card. I find it simple, clean but at the same time, elegant and, being a pocket card, its detalis are subtle and the utility is a little bit more complex because of the ways you can send a message. The pocket has a tag and on the back it can be written with some personal messages


The card is not overly accessorized. I added some thread and in the center of the bow I made a dot with the hot glue gun which I colored with a black sharpie pen.


This is pretty much my card and I hope you like it.  It’s one of the most simple cards i’ve done so far, but it’s easy especially because i had handy, wonderful digitals from Tsunami Rose Design!

If you like my finished card, you should try them aswell and you will surely convince yourself!  I wish all women to have a ”Happy Women’s Day!” and lots of appreciatiofor your beautiful creativity!


Tags- DT project

Being the Valentine’s Day euphoria, I considered it would be a lovely idea to keep the love theme for the second DT project.
I made these three tags with scraps from my first project – the Exploding box- and I realy think they complete very well together. I love the soft colors of this collection even though I am not a big fan of the color pink, I used the amazing “Rose Notecards” collection, and I will definitely use them in other several projects. It is a collection that can be used for Junk journals, planners, the wonderful cards,  pocket letters and more. I also used the butterflies that I printed and added a few small details to more interest. (Glitter, beads)

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TRD FB Group: http://bit.ly/trdfbgroup

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20170212_174157     20170212_151026


Exploding Box February-DT- Project







Hello, everyone! Long time no see and that means i missed the “Happy New Year” part. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and i hope you already checked some of those beautiful 2017 resolutions! I, myself had a long vacation but now i’m ready to get back to work… and how else?

I’m back with an awesome project, and how else can i start the new year other than creating a soooo challenging piece!


First of all, I want to say I am very happy I will be part of the Tsunami Rose Design Team this year, aswell . Is the second year I have the chance to work with al these wonderful images of Daisy Colins!

I would like to say “Welcome” to the new members in the team and to the old members I would like to say that I’m very happy to be together again!

For this month, I chose to work with Rose Notecards kit to do my exploding box.(http://bit.ly/rosenotecardsaddon).






How did you get back to work? I’m curios to see your creations!

If you liked it, let me know in the comments bellow. I’d love to hear from you!



That’s everything i hear lately and, honestly, if i didn’t have the Christmas Tree and the lights and the Christmas decorations, i could not relate to the song at all. Until i get to see my kids, of course. 
This year i wanted to change the game a little bit. After experimenting all sorts of colors and shapes and styles to decorate the Christmas Tree and after being challenged to decorate the show-window at Mootch, i came up with these tiny little jewels.
This is what i call my “mannequin challenge” 😉
15231743_830217503787597_291634455_o 15224672_830217583787589_138959386_o
I used my non-precious accesories, that i don’t wear anyways, some polystyrene globes, an elegant white mannequin, a plain canvas, and bracelets and earings to create the Christmas tree improvisations.
As you can see, i used neutral colors and mostly steampunk influences to dress up  both the mannequin and the Christmas tree shaped canvas.
I know, you might say that Christmas ain’t Christmas without a real Christmas tree, but i have a realy influencing daughter that is against deforestation and, i myself support the cause aswell (i’m no activist but i’m doing the best i can) and, besides that, i think it does look pretty good.
So, grab a stander (whatever you can find) or a frame and improvise using only neutral colors to make the jewels pop out

Here’s the ready-to-go sweetheart before displaing it in the showroom.


…and here it is between other beautiful decorations

You still have time to either make one of your own or to make it yours at Mootch
What do you think? Are you a clasic type or an “always-changing-and-improvising” type when it comes to Christmas decorations?
Let me know in the comments bellow.
Hugs! 🙂

Halloween Junk Journal -DT- Project


Pfew! After several attempts to upload the Halloween project on my youtube channel, i finally did it. Sometimes i wonder if the problem is the internet connection or my personal laptop… or both :))). Ah well, long story short, i know it’s not the first time i’m late with my blog post, but i’m sure  you won’t get mad at me for not handleing technology at its best.


Back to todays topic, the journal it’s actually an october DT project for Tsunami Rose and i used her printable journal kit that you can find here. As you can see, the coloring has an autumn vibe and the first thing to use that came to my mind were my brown envelopes that instantly gave the journal a dual use: it can be both a journal and a mini album at the same time.


If you wanna see more of it and how it turned out, check out my video

Let me know what y’all think and how was your Halloween trick-or-treat-ing


October Tsunami Rose DT ‘Christmas List’ Printable kit-Junk Journal-

Hi, everyone! It’s not yet the season, i know, but his month I’m back with a Christmas journal because i really can’t wait for Christmas; and i have two major reasons for that. 
First, i can’t wait to see my kids ❤ (they’re home in Romania -sigh- and we’re here, working in UK), and second, i loooove the Christmas spirit and decorations and gifts and snow, and…everything.
For this journal I used the wonderful ‘Christmas List’ Printable kit.
This collection is so rich in images and colours and patterns I did not need to add any other images or ephemeras . I added a few pages from my personal collection, tho, that combine really great with the kit. This journal is quite large with plenty space to write in and, I, personally, like the large size cards for journaling.
Always a pleasure to work with these collections designed by Daisy!
What do you love most at Christmas and why?

Homemade photobox

A couple of years ago, i found out that there’s a magic box that can improve your product photos significantly; like, from taking mainstream boring photos to professional studio looking photos only by changing one tool, it blew my mind. But not hard enough, aparently, because it took me all this time to make one of my own, even though i had everything i needed. I’m kidding, it actualy took less than 20 min and a stubborn daughter to piss me off and get me started. And it worked!

All i used was:

– a squared medium size box ( you can choose whatever size works for you)

-white accrilic to paint the inside of the box

-safety cutter (while the box opening was facing me, i cut an opening into to left, right and top side of the box)

-tracing paper and doublesided tape to cover the 3 openings. i know most people tape it on the outside, but i prefer to maintain a clean plain background for my photos

-portable flexible desk lamps

and, if you’ve got millions of things to do, just change the game for 30 min. You’ll both relax and make yourself a useful tool to work with.

I didn’t realize until it was finished how much i actualy needed it!

Did this happened to you, too? Did you ever plan on doing something and you kept postponing it until forever? Let me know how you overcome the “fear” of getting out of your comfort zone, or if there’s someone else motivating you.

Hope you found this helpful or at least made you smile. Can’t wait to hear from you.