Pocket Card for Women’s Day

      March DT project for Tsunami Rose Design For my project I use the wonderful ''Rose Notecards'' journal kit and some vintage clip art. TRD Etsy shop: http://bit.ly/tsunamirose TRD FB Fan Page: http://bit.ly/trdfbfanpage TRD FB Group: http://bit.ly/trdfbgroup TRD Blog: http://bit.ly/tsunamiroseblog TRD Youtube: http://bit.ly/tsunamiroseyoutube March is the so waited month when we celebrate Spring … Continue reading Pocket Card for Women’s Day

Tags- DT project

Being the Valentine's Day euphoria, I considered it would be a lovely idea to keep the love theme for the second DT project. I made these three tags with scraps from my first project - the Exploding box- and I realy think they complete very well together. I love the soft colors of this collection even though I … Continue reading Tags- DT project

Exploding Box February-DT- Project

  http://bit.ly/tsunamirose http://bit.ly/trdfbfanpage http://bit.ly/trdfbgroup http://bit.ly/tsunamiroseblog http://bit.ly/tsunamiroseyoutube Hello, everyone! Long time no see and that means i missed the "Happy New Year" part. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and i hope you already checked some of those beautiful 2017 resolutions! I, myself had a long vacation but now i'm ready to get back to work... and how … Continue reading Exploding Box February-DT- Project


IT'S THE MOST... WONDERFUL TIME... OF THE YEAAAR! That's everything i hear lately and, honestly, if i didn't have the Christmas Tree and the lights and the Christmas decorations, i could not relate to the song at all. Until i get to see my kids, of course.  This year i wanted to change the game … Continue reading IDEAS TO STAND OUT WITH YOUR CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS

Halloween Junk Journal -DT- Project

https://www.etsy.com/shop/TsunamiRose Pfew! After several attempts to upload the Halloween project on my youtube channel, i finally did it. Sometimes i wonder if the problem is the internet connection or my personal laptop... or both :))). Ah well, long story short, i know it's not the first time i'm late with my blog post, but i'm … Continue reading Halloween Junk Journal -DT- Project

October Tsunami Rose DT ‘Christmas List’ Printable kit-Junk Journal-

https://www.etsy.com/shop/TsunamiRose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roVdwLMoA0Y   Hi, everyone! It's not yet the season, i know, but his month I'm back with a Christmas journal because i really can't wait for Christmas; and i have two major reasons for that.  First, i can't wait to see my kids ❤ (they're home in Romania -sigh- and we're here, working in … Continue reading October Tsunami Rose DT ‘Christmas List’ Printable kit-Junk Journal-