Tunder Mitrea is a Romanian hand-made artist that lives in Birmingham, UK

My name is Tunder Mitrea. I’ve been married for 26 years now, i have two grown children: my son is a professional footballer and my daughter is choreographer and professional dancer. I’m from Romania but my husband and I currently live in the UK.
As far as i’m concerned, i was passionate about working and creating things with my bare hands since i was a child. My mother was a tailor and always asked me to help her around, at school I loved most the drawing and handmade classes, but the moment I started to take hobbies more seriously was only after my children have grown and had more time for myself.

Difficult times make us creative and reveal our true colors.

Long story short, i started selling in an uncovered, freezing cold market as many handmade, painted Christmas cards i could with 10 cents each, (selling by day and painting by night) in the winter of 2010. Only after i published my work online and people reacted realy great and supportive, gained alot of confidence in my work and took this seriously.

I’m a self-taught artist that never stops studying new and beautiful techniques from online resources, i’m open to challenges and mostly passionate about DIYs.

You’ll find in my work things like decoupage, mixed media art journal, collage, vintage, steampunk, shabby chic, cards, jewlery boxes,  photo albums, seazonal gifts etc.

You can also see my work on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram



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