pack your bags. we’re going on an adventure

That’s how i’ve always imagined my love life will start.

And it did.

Didn’t have much but made the most out of everything. Not to say how young I was when it all started. But with my loved ones or on my own, life itself had so much to offer, all I had to do was enjoy the process.

Nothing can prepare you for what’s to come, so “i’m not ready yet” will just be a never ending no.

For both good or bad things (but for today let’s just focus on the good). Yes, you are ready. You are ready to try, you are ready to give your best, you are ready to learn through trial and error, you are so ready there is no better time to start. Just start.

Now, did you think that that rice box was ready to become a cute little storage purse-shaped box? I don’t know, it might not work with the rice boxes, but I didn’t imagine I could reuse it in such a way. I kinda like it now while looking at it in the uploaded photo. It didn’t look so good on my shelves where it was in sight, all dusty and … not ready. It’s not ready to be used as a daily purse, or for important documents at a corporate meeting, or on a rainy day trying to cover yourself. But it’s ready as a storage box for letters, tags and pictures.

I don’t know. For now, it’s still empty. How would you use it for? And what are the materials you use for recycling and repurposing daily items?


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