Thoughts for HIM

They say writing is for HER only. As if feelings, inspiration, memories, aspirations can’t ever be HIS interests as well. There are less and less men who journal nowadays because they moved into a digital environment where they’ve exchanged it with Facebook posts or Instagram captions, or because “talking about feelings” is simply not that easy and definitely not a “man thing”.

That’s what they say. (I doubt that’s the truth, tho)

But they don’t mention that writing has its therapeutical effects, or that speaking about your aspirations triggers different parts of the brain compared to writing them down, or that paying attention to yourself and to your thoughts, no matter the mood, can make you feel better for the only reason you understand better.

Writing is obviously not for anyone. Not because you need a certain degree or experience or mental stability, but a willingness to simply observe and be in the moment, to let the thoughts escape your mind, sliding down on a piece of paper, be acknowledged and (if the case) be remembered forever.

So, the process itself can do a lot in the very moment. The end product, on the other hand, becomes valuable as time passes by. It has the ability to bring one so much joy, for only its existence, by bringing knowledge you can’t find on Google, for both yourself and those close to you.

I remember i always struggled to keep a diary, felt like writing a lot of things but didn’t feel comfortable with the idea that someone else could find them. Was I having suspicious thoughts? Crazy ideas? Or perhaps inappropriate ones, you must think. But none of them is the answer. I was afraid of being judged for my aspirations and laughed at. And here i am 40 years later with a pile of Journals, all locked up, hidden in drawers from even my own reach.

Rereading those “crazy ideas” gave me a more accurate feel of the state of mind i was in a while ago and seeing the progress made me realise i’m on the right track. It feels good to cheer for yourself from time to time, i must say… even if only on paper

Just write it down!

Do you think men still journal like they used to back in the days? I’m curious if you’ve met someone who does.

Thoughts from an introvert. Hugs šŸ™‚

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