Pocket Card for Women’s Day

      March DT project for Tsunami Rose Design

For my project I use the wonderful ”Rose Notecards” journal kit and some vintage clip art.

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March is the so waited month when we celebrate Spring and its beauties, but we also celebrate the International Women’s Day,  and i figured it’s a good inspiration for my DT project, blog post and my poket card. I find it simple, clean but at the same time, elegant and, being a pocket card, its detalis are subtle and the utility is a little bit more complex because of the ways you can send a message. The pocket has a tag and on the back it can be written with some personal messages


The card is not overly accessorized. I added some thread and in the center of the bow I made a dot with the hot glue gun which I colored with a black sharpie pen.


This is pretty much my card and I hope you like it.  It’s one of the most simple cards i’ve done so far, but it’s easy especially because i had handy, wonderful digitals from Tsunami Rose Design!

If you like my finished card, you should try them aswell and you will surely convince yourself!  I wish all women to have a ”Happy Women’s Day!” and lots of appreciatiofor your beautiful creativity!

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