Halloween Junk Journal -DT- Project


Pfew! After several attempts to upload the Halloween project on my youtube channel, i finally did it. Sometimes i wonder if the problem is the internet connection or my personal laptop… or both :))). Ah well, long story short, i know it’s not the first time i’m late with my blog post, but i’m sure  you won’t get mad at me for not handleing technology at its best.


Back to todays topic, the journal it’s actually an october DT project for Tsunami Rose and i used her printable journal kit that you can find here. As you can see, the coloring has an autumn vibe and the first thing to use that came to my mind were my brown envelopes that instantly gave the journal a dual use: it can be both a journal and a mini album at the same time.


If you wanna see more of it and how it turned out, check out my video

Let me know what y’all think and how was your Halloween trick-or-treat-ing


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