Homemade photobox

A couple of years ago, i found out that there’s a magic box that can improve your product photos significantly; like, from taking mainstream boring photos to professional studio looking photos only by changing one tool, it blew my mind. But not hard enough, aparently, because it took me all this time to make one of my own, even though i had everything i needed. I’m kidding, it actualy took less than 20 min and a stubborn daughter to piss me off and get me started. And it worked!

All i used was:

– a squared medium size box ( you can choose whatever size works for you)

-white accrilic to paint the inside of the box

-safety cutter (while the box opening was facing me, i cut an opening into to left, right and top side of the box)

-tracing paper and doublesided tape to cover the 3 openings. i know most people tape it on the outside, but i prefer to maintain a clean plain background for my photos

-portable flexible desk lamps

and, if you’ve got millions of things to do, just change the game for 30 min. You’ll both relax and make yourself a useful tool to work with.

I didn’t realize until it was finished how much i actualy needed it!

Did this happened to you, too? Did you ever plan on doing something and you kept postponing it until forever? Let me know how you overcome the “fear” of getting out of your comfort zone, or if there’s someone else motivating you.

Hope you found this helpful or at least made you smile. Can’t wait to hear from you.



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