Envelope (mini) photo album | August inspiration

Aaaand, i’m back! Hello, lovable people, and welcome back to my blog!

Today i want to share with you my latest project (that feels like it took forever to be finished) and i’m back with photos and a describing youtube video aswell, to give you more details about it.

But, before that, i need to share something with you and i really need your opinion about the next matter.

After editing my video for a couple of hours, and listening to the ways i was describing my album (as a “mini album”), my daughter asked really ironic: if this is a mini album- like you said-, what is the paper roll album called, then? Micro album? Ultra tiny little thingy album? Album for “little ones”?

Knowing from experience that one can find really big photo albums, although i didn’t create one on my own, i was secure enough to use that as a valid statement to answer her sarcasm. Obviously she didn’t stop there and she invoked the exceptions that there might be photo albums that small you could only see through a magnifying glass, only because i compared my album to others work. You see where is that heading, right?

Well, i guess it depends on what you compare yourself with. And she might have a point. But i do, too 😀 …right?

What do YOU think?

20160818_200655 20160818_195836 20160818_195632 20160818_195942

4 thoughts on “Envelope (mini) photo album | August inspiration

  1. Oh my! 😀 😀 Your daughter’s comments are adorable 😀 😀 our children are so funny as I can see 😀 But she is right.It’s an album, gorgeouse album.So many inspirations in it.I love your paper clips btw. Hugs Eva

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