My DIY Ring Light

My daughter comes to visit once a year for 2-3 weeks, and while she’s here i kinda’ take a break from my daily routine. And by “kinda'” i mean i still have work to do but out of my comfort zone. She’s passionate about photography, make-up, dance, talking alot… arts combined 😉 and she really, i mean like really wanted to have a beauty light ( ring light) for her selfies &CO.

Searching on the internet i found out that this “little thing” is quite expensive and, as long as she doesn’t need a professional one, i figured i could make her one on my own, just for fun.

And it was fun 😀

I covered with tape a bunch of wires i found in the garden and hanged them on 2 jewlery stands
I covered the entire thing with aluminium foil before i attached the led lights ( i forgot to photograph the entire process, but you’ll get the idea :D)
Plugged it in and snap! Don’t laugh at my hearty robe. Its comfy! 🙂
Here you have it. The portal to other worlds :))))
…and thats her, all happy and stuff 🙂 😉

Hope you liked it and if you found it useful let me know in the comments bellow.



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