Bday present for a good friend

Since i’ve been around here ( in UK) i never, not once, been partying and only after attending this beautiful bday party i realized how amazing people around here are

So, i’ve met Andreea ( the bday girl) randomly while shopping for supplies in my neighbourhood (at MOOCH) and we’ve became friends ever since. As much as i can say i was surprised and honored to be invited at her bday party, the idea of finding a proper/ appropriate gift made me panic and insecure, therefore i dared to ask her directly about her bday wishes. Easy peasy! Thats how i got inspired to create this layout.


The layout’s size alone is 32×32 and 50×50 framed, so thats quite alot to work with. She provided me a couple of items  and info about her grandparents and father to start with, and the rest is just random inspiration. The layout has attached to it a 3D card to complete the gift and to help me share my thoughts and wishes for her.

20160722_135114 20160722_135058 20160722_135030 20160722_135437


If you wanna see her work, check out MOOCH and THESCRAPBOOKER

Hope you like it and if you did, let me know in the comments bellow


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