Mix media Caddy -Fernli GDT 2nd project-May


Hi crafty people. I am back with the second project, as I promised. . I chose this time to decorate this little caddy.

The reason behind this is to keep my tools in it therefore I have chosen to decorate it in a bit of steam-punk touch but not too much.  I wanted to keep a bit of elegance as well and I have limited the colour pallet. My aim was to create a real metal look. In this case I have used aluminium tape, and covered all the internal parts. Because I am a stubborn person, and when I get an idea into my head I hardly get it out of it, I really wanted the joining parts of corners to be visible therefore I have covered them individually. The whole process of assembling and decorating was a real therapy for me.

The four lateral sides were decorated in layers. The first one was modelling paste and stencil followed by a thin layer of gesso.  To get a touch of colour I have used alcohol ink. (home-made). i chose to use this option for several reasons. alcohol inks dries quickly, is translucent and behaves well on metal surfaces.
To embellish the outside I used some of my accessories, lamps, brooches, chains, keys, metal scraps, etc. I glued with all parts E6000, after I embossed with embossing powder of different colors and added here and there a little bit of glitter. The big sides, in the corners I used pieces of a metal beer can.

I used several additional products that you can find on the site at Fernli Designs. Always a pleasure to work with these products. They are high quality, versatile, and primarily they are very cheap price.

Carved Heart  £0.50
Heatr 10 ”   £1.00
Engreved padlock  £1.00 for a set of 6
Mixed cogs  £1.10 for a mixed bag
If you want to see how I put everything together you can see here a short tutorial.

Hope is an inspiration for all of you and enjoy.


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