Tsunami Rose DT project ‘Anything goes’



Ok. I would like to say ‘hello’ again! My second DT project for January, sounds something like this, ” Anything goes”. So I thought to do a double-page journal. Since I’m not an expert in this art, I love to do it. Maybe I do not always manage to convey exactly what I wanted, but still think it makes sense. However since there are no strict rules in this art and you have complete freedom can not tell anyone what is wrong or right. I think it depends on your taste.

For this project I used the new ‘ Vintage parcel ‘ printable  journal kit  collection. I used only a few shards from the whole collection and I do not know how I managed to emphasize the colors and designs, but you can see all this wonderful new collection just by clicking the attached link above. I’m sure you’ll want to have it.Enjoy and see you soon with new projects.

Remember! Valentine’s Day is near, and Daisy prepared a wonderful collection for this occasion. Check this out and not miss it.







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