Tsunami Rose DT project. ”Traditional Card’


Hi everyone! New Tsunami Rose DT project. ”Traditional Card”. Traditionally I do not know how I managed to do these cards, but as usual I do not really respect the rules.So ..To pay homage to the sad events in Paris I thought that my cards are not too colorful or very embellished. I really like how it came out. A little nonconformity does not hurt, I think !

The images used are Printable Christmas Gift Journal Kit.
For the backgrounds I have used a few, frosty, foam snowflakes. I’ve glued them around a piece of cardboard, then I covered with a thin layer of gesso. After drying I used some metallic colors to give a color tone to match the chosen image. To be able to restore the appearance of weathered I wrinkled the paper and I applied a little gold acrylic. That’s all I did and I think you will like it to.12268895_656625121146837_1098831079_o12270359_656625277813488_2124851245_n12272962_656625657813450_689107228_n (1)

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