Tsunami Rose DT Project . Anything Goes


For  November project I chose to recycle a bottle. During communism in Romania there were no plastic bottles. So! there is no so much pollution in the environment. Food and drink packaging were reused. When I go to buy milk, mineral water, yogurt, etc. I had to go with the empty bottle instead. If  happen to not have to exchange  bottle, we must pay for it. So nobody throw empty bottles in those days. So I came into possession of several bottles that grandmother has kept so many years and because these bottles have wide opening I thought to place them in vases. To decorate my bottle and give the impression of icicles I used   glue gun technique . The image is the  Printable  Chirstmas gift collection. It’s a wonderful image that represents a beautiful white winter. Next I painted it with white gesso, I sprinkle with white glitter and I sealed  with acrylic lack. So ! I thank you for stopping by and would be grateful to know your opinion in a short comment. Until next time, I wish you all happy crafting.

12212360_651942248281791_1782312588_n 12200923_651942031615146_558215003_n 12212432_651941858281830_1012751869_n


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