Tsunami Rose September DT ”Christmas list kit” Junk journal



Hello, dear darlings! Missed me? Because i surely did! 

I’ve been away for a while because of a brand new DT Project i’ve been working on this month.

Somehow i got inspired by the beautifully designed papers from the “Christmas list” printable kit. I know! It’s only October, but when inspiration hits, you gotta go with the flow :D 

Oh, it’s a Junk Journal🙂


As you can see, the images are designed with a gorgeous mix of colors and shapes, therefore i designed it as elegant as i could using only lace. Yes, if wondering, i like it as simple as it can be in order to have blank spaces for writing, or photos or tiny personal items. I got you covered😉


It wasn’t a big of a deal because i used the cover from an old book and i designed it using the printable images and burlap. I kept a small amount of the books initial pages and sew the others after “baking” them with coffe. ( you can see the tutorial here ).

20160923_173022 20160923_172501

It was really enjoyable working at this junk journal with this amazing kit and i’m sure it will be more of them in the near future. If you wanna see more, click here
Hope you liked it and, if you did and found it helpful, please let me know in the comments bellow.



Homemade photobox

A couple of years ago, i found out that there’s a magic box that can improve your product photos significantly; like, from taking mainstream boring photos to professional studio looking photos only by changing one tool, it blew my mind. But not hard enough, aparently, because it took me all this time to make one of my own, even though i had everything i needed. I’m kidding, it actualy took less than 20 min and a stubborn daughter to piss me off and get me started. And it worked!

All i used was:

– a squared medium size box ( you can choose whatever size works for you)

-white accrilic to paint the inside of the box

-safety cutter (while the box opening was facing me, i cut an opening into to left, right and top side of the box)

-tracing paper and doublesided tape to cover the 3 openings. i know most people tape it on the outside, but i prefer to maintain a clean plain background for my photos

-portable flexible desk lamps

and, if you’ve got millions of things to do, just change the game for 30 min. You’ll both relax and make yourself a useful tool to work with.

I didn’t realize until it was finished how much i actualy needed it!

Did this happened to you, too? Did you ever plan on doing something and you kept postponing it until forever? Let me know how you overcome the “fear” of getting out of your comfort zone, or if there’s someone else motivating you.

Hope you found this helpful or at least made you smile. Can’t wait to hear from you.



Envelope (mini) photo album | August inspiration

Aaaand, i’m back! Hello, lovable people, and welcome back to my blog!

Today i want to share with you my latest project (that feels like it took forever to be finished) and i’m back with photos and a describing youtube video aswell, to give you more details about it.

But, before that, i need to share something with you and i really need your opinion about the next matter.

After editing my video for a couple of hours, and listening to the ways i was describing my album (as a “mini album”), my daughter asked really ironic: if this is a mini album- like you said-, what is the paper roll album called, then? Micro album? Ultra tiny little thingy album? Album for “little ones”?

Knowing from experience that one can find really big photo albums, although i didn’t create one on my own, i was secure enough to use that as a valid statement to answer her sarcasm. Obviously she didn’t stop there and she invoked the exceptions that there might be photo albums that small you could only see through a magnifying glass, only because i compared my album to others work. You see where is that heading, right?

Well, i guess it depends on what you compare yourself with. And she might have a point. But i do, too😀 …right?

What do YOU think?

20160818_200655 20160818_195836 20160818_195632 20160818_195942

My DIY Ring Light

My daughter comes to visit once a year for 2-3 weeks, and while she’s here i kinda’ take a break from my daily routine. And by “kinda'” i mean i still have work to do but out of my comfort zone. She’s passionate about photography, make-up, dance, talking alot… arts combined😉 and she really, i mean like really wanted to have a beauty light ( ring light) for her selfies &CO.

Searching on the internet i found out that this “little thing” is quite expensive and, as long as she doesn’t need a professional one, i figured i could make her one on my own, just for fun.

And it was fun😀


I covered with tape a bunch of wires i found in the garden and hanged them on 2 jewlery stands


I covered the entire thing with aluminium foil before i attached the led lights ( i forgot to photograph the entire process, but you’ll get the idea :D)


Plugged it in and snap! Don’t laugh at my hearty robe. Its comfy!🙂


Here you have it. The portal to other worlds :))))


…and thats her, all happy and stuff🙂😉

Hope you liked it and if you found it useful let me know in the comments bellow.



Bday present for a good friend

Since i’ve been around here ( in UK) i never, not once, been partying and only after attending this beautiful bday party i realized how amazing people around here are

So, i’ve met Andreea ( the bday girl) randomly while shopping for supplies in my neighbourhood (at MOOCH) and we’ve became friends ever since. As much as i can say i was surprised and honored to be invited at her bday party, the idea of finding a proper/ appropriate gift made me panic and insecure, therefore i dared to ask her directly about her bday wishes. Easy peasy! Thats how i got inspired to create this layout.


The layout’s size alone is 32×32 and 50×50 framed, so thats quite alot to work with. She provided me a couple of items  and info about her grandparents and father to start with, and the rest is just random inspiration. The layout has attached to it a 3D card to complete the gift and to help me share my thoughts and wishes for her.

20160722_135114 20160722_135058 20160722_135030 20160722_135437


If you wanna see her work, check out MOOCH and THESCRAPBOOKER

Hope you like it and if you did, let me know in the comments bellow


Mix media Caddy -Fernli GDT 2nd project-May


Hi crafty people. I am back with the second project, as I promised. . I chose this time to decorate this little caddy.

The reason behind this is to keep my tools in it therefore I have chosen to decorate it in a bit of steam-punk touch but not too much.  I wanted to keep a bit of elegance as well and I have limited the colour pallet. My aim was to create a real metal look. In this case I have used aluminium tape, and covered all the internal parts. Because I am a stubborn person, and when I get an idea into my head I hardly get it out of it, I really wanted the joining parts of corners to be visible therefore I have covered them individually. The whole process of assembling and decorating was a real therapy for me.

The four lateral sides were decorated in layers. The first one was modelling paste and stencil followed by a thin layer of gesso.  To get a touch of colour I have used alcohol ink. (home-made). i chose to use this option for several reasons. alcohol inks dries quickly, is translucent and behaves well on metal surfaces.
To embellish the outside I used some of my accessories, lamps, brooches, chains, keys, metal scraps, etc. I glued with all parts E6000, after I embossed with embossing powder of different colors and added here and there a little bit of glitter. The big sides, in the corners I used pieces of a metal beer can.

I used several additional products that you can find on the site at Fernli Designs. Always a pleasure to work with these products. They are high quality, versatile, and primarily they are very cheap price.

Carved Heart  £0.50
Heatr 10 ”   £1.00
Engreved padlock  £1.00 for a set of 6
Mixed cogs  £1.10 for a mixed bag
If you want to see how I put everything together you can see here a short tutorial.

Hope is an inspiration for all of you and enjoy.